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I couldn't help but note from the NYT article that the producer, Newman, had
Heath Ledger in mind for Lucifer. Eerily and sadly prophetic since he was
reportedly very depressed and in decline. Seeing some of the Batman advance
promos, Ledger's Joker was dark and demonic and Newman must have sensed that
quality somewhat to have singled Ledger out. How sad.


Discussions about a prospective film always lead to comparisons of Lord of
The Ring. How long would a PL film have to be to be done correctly and well?
What passages get cut? With PL's narrative, a Peter King- styled film would
be suitable.  However, I romance about a smaller, less sensational film
being made where Milton would share the stage with his great epic.


Imagine the film opening  with this beautiful English voice, narrating,
changing and editing PL while an awestruck  amanuensis is furiously writing
away, trying to keep up, (shades of Amadeus and Salieri). The camera pans to
our hero, his eyes closed as he is "being milked", bringing to life what is
in his mind's eye - with key passages of PL being depicted in TLOTR style.
Flashbacks to an earlier time with some historic and autobiographical
references as comparative images could be done so to be entertaining and
educational  about the history and tumult of his time, all the parallel
descents and darkness of Milton's life and how they are paralleled in his
great art. 


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Milton enters the popular imagination?

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On Jan 30, 2008 4:30 PM, Paul Miller <pm9 at comcast.net> wrote:

Sometimes I imagine the denizens of academia as regarding Milton as within
their province alone and I can see them chewing away at his splendid
language for years so that no flavor exudes from the words and later gumming
the words in their dotage living in fear that someone somewhere is enjoying
Milton. I think it was Woolf who said that reading Milton was about the only
reading for pleasure that she ever got to do anymore. I know just what she
meant. I read Milton for pleasure. I guess you could call me a hedonistic
Miltonian and yes I know saying that is "hail horrors" to the puritanical
Miltonist out there if you exist outside my imagination of course.

Paul Miller

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