[Milton-L] Reading Milton for pleasure

Michael Bryson michael.bryson at csun.edu
Wed Jan 30 17:56:11 EST 2008

I read Milton for pleasure as well, and I'm fairly
sure that I do not fit anyone's definition of a
"puritanical Miltonist." I am, however, what one
might call a "denizen" of academia, and I am
reasonably sure that I exist outside your

Enjoy Milton, by all means. No chewing or gumming

Michael Bryson

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  >Sometimes I imagine the denizens of academia as
  regarding Milton as within
  >their province alone and I can see them chewing
  away at his splendid
  >language for years so that no flavor exudes from
  the words and later gumming
  >the words in their dotage living in fear that
  someone somewhere is enjoying
  >Milton. I think it was Woolf who said that
  reading Milton was about the only
  >reading for pleasure that she ever got to do
  anymore. I know just what she
  >meant. I read Milton for pleasure. I guess you
  could call me a hedonistic
  >Miltonian and yes I know saying that is "hail
  horrors" to the puritanical
  >Miltonist out there if you exist outside my
  imagination of course.
  >Paul Miller
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