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Warren Prestidge warrenprestidge at xtra.co.nz
Wed Jan 30 17:53:27 EST 2008

Thanks, Paul.
  I'm a committed Protestant Bible-believing Christian and happen to think Milton was a significant theologian as well, who got certain things more right than most: e.g. his stance regarding human mortality.
  However, the main reason I read Milton is for pure pleasure.  There is nothing in literature more enjoyable to me than Paradise Lost.  Was it Dr Johnson who reckoned no one reads Milton for enjoyment?  What a fool.
  Thanks to everyone who contributes to this Milton Discussion site.  It is often very stimulating.
  Warren Prestidge

Paul Miller <pm9 at comcast.net> wrote:
  Sometimes I imagine the denizens of academia as regarding Milton as within 
their province alone and I can see them chewing away at his splendid 
language for years so that no flavor exudes from the words and later gumming 
the words in their dotage living in fear that someone somewhere is enjoying 
Milton. I think it was Woolf who said that reading Milton was about the only 
reading for pleasure that she ever got to do anymore. I know just what she 
meant. I read Milton for pleasure. I guess you could call me a hedonistic 
Miltonian and yes I know saying that is "hail horrors" to the puritanical 
Miltonist out there if you exist outside my imagination of course.

Paul Miller 

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