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Wed Jan 23 16:05:10 EST 2008

. And while _Paradise Lost_ is difficult,
>     a great many otherwise
>     quite normal people who do work through it find it
>     well worth the trouble (as
>     all of us who teach the poem know). 

This summer, a friend of mine who was a psych major in college but ended up being a computer programmer, is going to read PL with me. She was apprehensivem and I said, look you read complex theology and church history [she's an EFM mentor], you understand rhythm through singing, you read complex novels - and you are fiftyerm years old and have read like a fiend all your life. You got da skills!

Increasingly, my undergraduates do not. They don't bring much historical background, most of their literary studies have been 2nd halfof 20th c to date and most have not been taught to READ a language other than English - that makes it hard for them. A lot of them find the reward of reading a challenging text - a lot do not.

I am looking forward to reading PL with a biblically  literate adult!

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