[Milton-L] MLA "Approaches"

John T. Shawcross jtshaw74 at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 21 13:56:18 EST 2008

I only just received the question and the answers to Peter's email  
about a "standard" text for PL in the MLA "Approaches" volume. I do  
feel that I would want an "original" text rather than a modernized  
(or partially modernized) text. There are many reasons why. But I  
cannot agree that we must all use the same text, although we should  
indicate what text we are using (which I have not done but shall, and  
conform to whatever seems to be the preferred "original" text edition  
if such a decision emerges). Peter's later email (in response to   
some of the answers) seems right, and besides, Tom Fulton's comment  
that book and line indication should resolve any "use" problem is  
surely correct.


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