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Thanks to Harold Skulsky for the clarification. I love how on this list even
a question with a fallacious premise can prompt a learned and educational

Much appreciated,
Jason A. Kerr

On Jan 3, 2008 12:37 PM, Harold Skulsky <hskulsky at email.smith.edu> wrote:

> "How did the Hebrew words 'seraphim' and 'cherubim' and so on come to be
> linked to the Greek word "aggelos"?"
> The premise of the question is fallacious. Heb. *saraph* (seraph) and
> *ch'ruv* (cherub)* are routinely linked in Rabbinic commentary with Heb.
> *mal'ach* (messenger; one who is SENT). Angelos* is simply the standard
> koiné rendering (in LII and NT) of *mal'ach*. (For 17th-c. scholarship,
> see, e.g., John Lightfoot's *Horae Hebraicae et Talmudicae*.)
> As the supreme bearer of the *eu-ANGEL-ion* (Good News), Christ is,
> literally and innocuously, the Father's messenger or *angelos* or
> *mesites* (go-between)--the evangelist par excellence; the verb
> *eu-ANGEL-isasthai* ("bear the Good News") regularly describes his
> agency, as in his own announcement that "I must preach
> [*euangelisasthai*] the kingdom of God . . . for therefore am I SENT."
> The koiné for "SENT," by the way, is the root of "apostolos"; Christ is,
> quite literally, an apostle of the Father--again literally and
> innocuously. (Cf. also Eph. 2:17.)
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