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My thanks, Gregory, 

I neglected to comment. The lines immediately preceding "Second
Omnipotence," I think, subtract from Milton's seeming orthodox assertion
of equality between Father and Son, because what is said is that the Son
is only able to reflect the Father's glory, not possess full deity
inherently: the Son is but the "Effulgence of my Glory," "what by Deity
I am," "what by Decree I do" [6.680-83] Thus, "Second Omnipotence" is
more an assertion of what I would call deity extended to a second, which
accords with the Arian concept of the Son. 


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Larry Isitt asserts:  "Furthermore, in all of Paradise Lost, there is
not a single clear reference to the Son by any of the attributes
mentioned in this list." (Omnipotent, 

Immutable, Immortal, Infinite, 

Eternal King; thee Author of all being, 

Fountain of Light) 


But at 6.684 the Father addresses the Son as "Second Omnipotence."


I'm not claiming this counters all of the evidence of Milton's Arianism
(which, however, had not been strongly felt within the poem before On
Christian Doctrine surfaced).  And perhaps the "second" makes this not
"clear" reference to the Son by any of the attributes.  But I couldn't
let the categorical claim rest unqualified.


Happy New Year All,


Greg Machacek

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