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Rose Williams rwill627 at suddenlink.net
Thu Jan 3 10:40:13 EST 2008

One more odd contribution. Does Giotto's angel (or Christ) remind anyone of 
St. Teresa's description of her agony-causing visitor? Or of Bernini's 
sculpture of her angelic encounter?
Rose Williams

> This will be an odd contribution to this discussion, but I just talked
> to a friend who is the ex-Bishop of Pittsburgh (Episcopal) to get a
> theological opinion, and he tells me that, based on a distinction made
> in Hebrews, Jesus cannot be regarded as an angel (after death, of
> course).  My response to this is an uneducated one, and the Bishop's of
> course is Protestant, but Hebrews 1.4 does expressly say that the Son is
> "made so much better than the angels" and the angels "shall perish; but
> thou ["Lord"] remainest, and they all shall wax old as doth a garment"
> (1.11, quoted from the AV).  So, for Paul, the angels are mortal and the
> Son is not.
> Now, Giotto, together with his followers as collected by Jeffrey
> Hodges, still might have associated the figure that came to St. Francis
> in the dream as being less and less seraphic and more and more like
> Christ on the cross.  I wonder if Giotto didn't start something.  After
> all, his fresco is in Assisi.
> Roy Flannagan

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