[Milton-L] Re: the wings again

Rose Williams rwill627 at suddenlink.net
Wed Jan 2 12:51:36 EST 2008

It has also been suggested that the 'wings' are the ends of Christ's Jewish 
prayer shawl.

Rose Williams

> This also explains how God got skirts at Paradise Lost 3.379.  My note
> (sorry to quote again) says "Here the skirts of His brightness appear to
> be a kind of penumbra or glow surrounding His form."  The word "skirts"
> is biblical, in this case.
> Roy Flannagan
Matthew Henry explains that beams are the wings of the
> sun,
> and also notes that wings can be read ("as some have it") as skirts,
> so
> linking the healing in the wings to the woman who was healed by
> touching
> the hem of Christ's garment. 

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