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Here is another line of thought by a friend who is a dynomite EFM mentor [Ediucation for Ministry - a 4 year theological study oprogram for lay people produced at the University f the South].


>I don't have all my sources here and can't vouch for all of them anyway but
>this is something I got interested in a while ago and did some digging
>around.  I read somewhere that there's a Hebrew word (Strongs #3671 KANAF)
>that can translate as either wings or corners/fringes.  Think about the
>feathery edge of a wing to get the link I guess.  
>Then you start with Jewish law and tradition about wearing fringes, the
>tallit.  There's a long chain of associations to what the fringes meant:
>Personal identity, apparently like a signet ring
>Authority - David cutting off Saul's fringe is cutting off his authority
>Protection - Boaz takes Ruth under his garment, under his fringes, the
>chuppa, the wedding tent
>Healing - the woman with the hemorrhage want to touch Jesus fringes
>Here are some sites with interesting stuff about fringes:
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