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This also explains how God got skirts at Paradise Lost 3.379.  My note
(sorry to quote again) says "Here the skirts of His brightness appear to
be a kind of penumbra or glow surrounding His form."  The word "skirts"
is biblical, in this case.

Roy Flannagan

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Of commentaries available here, Thomas Scott's Family Bible glosses
wings as used metaphorically for beamds of light, referencing Bp.
Newcombe.    Matthew Henry explains that beams are the wings of the
and also notes that wings can be read ("as some have it") as skirts,
linking the healing in the wings to the woman who was healed by
the hem of Christ's garment.  If either gloss was standard, then there
was no winged Christ to portray or explain. 
Ref: An exposition on the Old and New Testament. : In five volumes ...
with practical remarks and observations. By Matthew Henry (London: 
Printed for J. Knapton, J. Fuller, J. Buckland, W. Strahan, J.
... [and 12 others], 1761-1763), vol. III.

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