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As you can see, I suffered a memory malfunction when I first tried to send this to the list. I'd be obliged if any of you can direct me to images of Jesus with wings!

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>This year during the Christmas Eve service, as we were singing one of my favorite hymns, I finally resolved to answer a question about the 3rd stanza of "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" that has niggled at me for a couple of years. 
>This refers to Jesus:
>"Risen with healing in his wings, light and life to all he brings."
>Light and life - not an issue. Healing - not an issue.
>"... in his WINGS?"
>I asked this on another list, and someone suggested that William Blake had several images of a winged Jesus, as did Renaissance paintings. 
>I've emailed our excellent young Romanticist to ask about Blake, about whom I am woefully ignorant.
>I'm asking folks on this list - many of whom have knowledge both broad and deep of Renaissance art - about winged Jesus images. I can't conjur any up, but my knowledge is pretty casual.
>And a Happy New Year to all of my esteemed friends on this list!
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