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I inquired a few days ago as to whether or not the process of selecting papers for the Ninth International Milton Symposium had finished, for I hadn't heard yea nor nay concerning my own proposal.
  I've now heard nay.
  My proposal on 'Milton's Tree of Knowledge: Why "Sacred" Fruit?' was rejected because the readers thought that it "did not differ substantively from previously published work and hence was ineligible."
  My follow-up query received the clarification that "previously published work" meant my own previously published work.
  And here I was thinking that I was so obscure that no one had heard of my work!
  Further reflection, however, leaves me thinking that I am still an obscure scholar. The readers were simply referring to my proposal itself, in which I offered to revise a recent publication of mine wherein I had applied my reworking of Jacob Milgrom's views on the holy, the common, the pure, and the impure (cf. Leviticus 1-16: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary).

  As was explained to me in the clarificatory email:
  "The convention is that merely revising already published work of one's own is not appropriate for a form where the intention is to apprise listeners of that of which they would otherwise be unaware."
  I was hoping that my revision would be sufficient for the proposal, but a convention is a convention, and I'm quite conventional. Moreover, the convention is a reasonable one.
  So, I won't be attending the Ninth International Milton Symposium, but I'll be watching with interest from Seoul. I assume that the Symposium will be televised and that Milton fans the world over will be watching with as much passion as fans of the World Cup...
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