[Milton-L] Free Milton Lecture Series at New York Public Library

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Tue Feb 26 21:27:08 EST 2008

Celeste  Bartos Education  Center 
Humanities and Social Sciences Library 
Fifth Avenue &  42nd  Street 
Enter from Astor Hall 
“John Milton at 400: A Life Beyond Life” 
Wm Moeck, Assistant Professor of English,  Nassau Community  College (SUNY), 
and Exhibition Curator 
Friday, March 21 at 2:15 p.m.;  repeated Saturday, April 12 at noon,  and 
Tuesday, April 15 at 6:00  p.m. 
“The Father’s Word, the Daughters’ Freedom: Munkacsy’s ‘Blind  Milton 
Dictating Paradise Lost to his  Daughters’” 
William Shullenberger, Joseph Campbell Chair in the Humanities,  Sarah 
Lawrence  College,  Bronxville,  N.Y. 
Wednesday, March 26 at 4  p.m. 
“‘Written to Aftertimes’:  Milton and the Durability of  Verse” 
Gregory Machacek, Associate Professor of English,  Marist  College, 
Poughkeepsie,  N.Y. 
Saturday, April 5 at 2:15  p.m. 
“Milton in  Germany: From  the First Translations to Goethe's Faust” 
Elizabeth Powers, Independent Scholar and Chair,  Columbia  University 
Seminar on Eighteenth-century European Culture 
Tuesday, April 8 at 2:15  p.m. 
“Milton's Areopagitica and  the Idea of Freedom” 
Susanne Woods, Provost and Professor Emerita,  Wheaton  College, Norton, 
Mass., and  Distinguished Visiting Scholar,  University of  Miami 
Wednesday, April 9 at 6  p.m. 
“Sonnets 19 and 23: A Reading of Milton’s Blindness” 
Lynne Greenberg, Associate Professor of English,  Hunter  College, City 
University of  New York 
Tuesday, April 22 at 6  p.m. 
“Mailer’s Milton” 
Bill Goldstein, Founding Editor, New York Times Online Book Site, and  Book 
Critic, NBC’s Weekend Today in New  York 
Wednesday, April 23 at 6  p.m. 
“Milton the  Heretic” 
John Guillory, Professor of English,  New York  University 
Tuesday, April 29 at 6  p.m. 
“Milton’s ‘Great  Argument’” 
David Scott Kastan, Professor of English and Comparative  Literature, 
Columbia  University 
Wednesday, April 30 at 6  p.m. 
“Milton, Marriage, and Myth  in the Victorian Novel” 
Gregory M. Colon-Semenza, Associate Professor of English, University  of 
Connecticut,  Storrs 
Wednesday, May 7 at 2:15  p.m. 
Seating for these programs is available on a first-come,  first-served 
For more information about these and other programs and classes, see  the 
Spring–Summer edition of Now, available in Astor Hall, or  visit 
Special Event from the  Cullman  Center 
South Court Auditorium 
Humanities and Social Sciences Library 
Enter from Astor Hall 
L’Allegro, Il Penseroso ed Il Moderato Turns 20: Mark Morris  in 
Conversation with Wendy Lesser 
Monday, May 5 at 7  p.m. 
For tickets, visit www.smarttix.com or call Smarttix at  212.868.4444.

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