[Milton-L] Milton Judges in SA

James Rovira jamesrovira at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 23:48:51 EST 2008

Paul: if we rule out the messenger as a source for knowledge of
Samson's prayer at the end, we acknowledge this source is ambiguous
(ambiguity in the lines spoken from this messenger).

So to resolve this ambiguity, you have to make reference to two other sources:

1. Source material, but this returns us to my earlier question:
whether Milton wrote SA as a straightforward representation of
Biblical source material, or if he was using this source material to
comment on something else (say, post 1660s English politics).  Making
reference to source material is begging the question in the context of
our argument.

2. Context of SA itself, from which you cite lines near the end of the
poem.  This is, to me, obviously how an argument one way or the other
has to be made.  I'll need to reread SA to pursue this line of

Jim R

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