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Julia Walker walker at geneseo.edu
Sun Feb 24 16:27:09 EST 2008

try the blue plaque london guide.  it has maps.  there are several  
lit guides on amazon.dot, but i use the Let'sGoLondon (cheap paper, b/ 
w) to when i teach classes in london.  it's got all the big stuff --  
inc literary --  and maps, AND places to eat that won't run into 3- 

the blue guide to london (b/w, good paper)  has the most detailed  
narrative and has good maps, also a good index.   blue guides aren't  
as glitzy as some of the newer stuff, but they are very thorough.

for sheer detail, there's the london compendium.  it claims to be "a  
street-by-street exploration of the hidden metropolis" (500 pgs,  
cheap paper, no pix, no maps, "hidden" = "unmentioned by other  
guides") and  -- as far as i can tell -- it is.  it also has nifty  
background details, like why houndsditch is called houndsditch and a  
good index for the lit stuff, or any stuff.


ps  blue guide to london museums and blue guide cathedrals/abbeys  
also wonderful.

now, if the blue guide folks will just send along my pr fees . . .

On Feb 24, 2008, at 3:59 PM, Mike Selby wrote:

> Does anyone know of any maps or atlases of London or England  
> featuring Literary highlights?
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