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Hi Jeffery

I wonder if Prof. Carey is referring to Macbeth 3.4 ("for now I am  
bent to know, / By the worst means, the worst") and PR 3.207ff (If  
there be worse, the expectation more / Of worse torments me than the  
feeling can. / I would be at the worst; worst is my port.")  It's not  
exactly an unmistakable echo, but I believe the connection is there,  
and it's a pretty meaty one, too.


On Feb 24, 2008, at 4:31 AM, Horace Jeffery Hodges wrote:

> This query will reveal my ignorance, but in John Carey's Times  
> Online review of Anna Beer's recent book, Milton: Poet, Pamphleteer  
> and Patriot, which we were alerted to earlier today, Carey writes:
> Some poems -- Arcades and At a Solemn Music, for example – go quite  
> unnoticed by Beer. So does his first published poem, the sonnet on  
> Shakespeare. Written when he was 22 and prefaced to the second folio  
> of Shakespeare's works, it is one of the earliest tributes to his  
> genius, and might have been expected to prompt Milton's biographer  
> to trace the influence of Shakespeare on his art from the brilliant  
> pastiche of Comus to Satan's despairing quotation of Macbeth at a  
> key moment in Paradise Regained.
> I have not yet found "Satan's despairing quotation of Macbeth at a  
> key moment in Paradise Regained." Does anyone know the Macbeth quote  
> alluded to by Carey?
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