[Milton-L] Peter Ackroyd examines Milton

Paul Miller pm9 at comcast.net
Sat Feb 23 14:31:07 EST 2008

Jim R ---> "Paul -- I don't see how this passage contradicts Carey's claim 
that in
Milton Samson's prayer is omitted".

Granted the audible words are omitted Milton's depiction of the prayer is 

"with head a while enclin'd,
And eyes fast fixt he stood, as one who pray'd",

By the way are you the Jim of former antiutopia fame from Bananafish? If so 
I was sorry to hear of Tim's passing a few years ago.

Paul Miller

So Hills amid the Air encounterd Hills
Hurl'd to and fro with jaculation dire,
That under ground, they fought in dismal
shade --- Paradise Lost 

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