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Wed Feb 20 10:06:59 EST 2008

 Or, if Dr. Wittreich's answer (via Dr. Herman) won't work, Mike, try
Hillary's reason for climbing Mt. Everest:
> because he's *THERE.*

Apologies for the off-topic pedantry, but the line 'because it's there'
belongs not to Edmund Hillary, but to George Leigh Mallory, who may or may
not have made it to the summit of Everest in 1924, and at any rate was
killed on the way down. He offered the response (in, according to
contemporary accounts, a tetchy rather than an idealistic tone of voice) to
a reporter during a publicity visit to New York the year previously.

One of the many reasons that it's a shame Mallory didn't make it is that he
was, by profession, an English teacher - probably his most famous pupil was
Robert Graves, who paints an interesting portrait of the man in
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