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>Anyhow - I find in non-majors and increasingly in majors really poor 
>vocabularies and an inability to sound out a new word.  No wonder 
>that many don't read for pleasure - how can they enjoy what they 
>can't u8nderstand?

While this may be a chicken-egg scenario, I suspect that not reading 
leads to poor vocabulary rather than the reverse.

But I also have a draconian suggestion: once, when faced with a class 
filled with people who had not deigned to do the reading, I threw out 
everybody except the few who had completed the assignment. But before 
I did, I announced that the next day there would be a quiz. If they 
passed, it would be worth zero. If not; 50% of the grade.

Not only did everyone have the text read for the next class (nobody 
failed the quiz), but I never had any problems with the class not 
reading the material again.

Peter C. Herman

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