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Roy Flannagan wrote, in part:


The decision about what edition to use must depend on the instructor's
choice, based on cost, authority, and aesthetic appeal.  The choice now
can involve digitized images of original editions or transcriptions of
those editions that students can acquire, sort of, for free, with or
without annotations.


One additional factor in choosing which edition of Milton to teach is
one's audience. I teach courses exclusively on Milton at both the
undergraduate and graduate levels, for which I use the Riverside
edition, but I also teach three weeks worth of Milton in the
undergraduate British survey, where my students include non-majors. For
that course I use a modernized edition. The survey students don't have
the time to acclimate to the challenges (or rewards) of reading the
original spelling. However, in my first lecture, on the opening
paragraph of PL, I put up an overhead of the modernized edition next to
an overhead of the original version and discuss the choices the
modernizing editor has made. Thus my students are at least alerted to
the way in which their textbook constructs their experience of early
modern literature. In every course I teach, in fact, I spend some time
discussing the original title page of at least one text (e.g., Journal
of the Plague Year, 1 Henry 4), as a way to introduce some book history
topics, including the long "s"!


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