[Milton-L] Re: Britney Spears and PL

Mike Streeter streetm at neo.tamu.edu
Sat Feb 2 12:21:20 EST 2008

I read last night that a London producer has staged a ballet about  
Britney Spears entitled "Meltdown."  Apparently, the musical composer  
for the production also scored the music for a Jerry Springer opera.   
You can read the full article (at your own risk) at http://uk.reuters.com/article/entertainmentNews/idUKL0167347020080201 

One of my friends suggested that the producer's next project should be  
a musical of Britney Spears called "Shake Spears."  I couldn't help  
but to laugh.

Mike Streeter
streetm at tamu.edu

> In this news article about Britney Spears they try to connect  
> Britney with Paradise Lost. After reading it I felt in need of a  
> shower.
> "One wonders if, at some point, before diving over the edge, Britney  
> felt an allegorical connection with John Milton's "Paradise Lost" -  
> with "the wary fiend" poised on hell's abyss, "pondering his voyage".
> http://www.alliednews.com/statenews/cnhinsall_story_031173548.html
> Paul Miller

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