[Milton-L] A Miltonic Sonnet

Cristine Soliz csoliz at csoliz.com
Tue Feb 5 18:02:06 EST 2008

The next chapter of liberty is as Milton and Blake suggested -- not with
some new style demagogue with an empty idea of change, but with a woman.


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> Subject: [Milton-L] A Miltonic Sonnet
> Yesterday I taught the sonnet - Cromwell, Avenge, O Lord, and Sonnet
> 19 then I tossed in my modern version. In all fairness I was teaching
> how to write a political sonnet.
> With some trouble I borrowed a couple of rhymes from Richard Wilbur's
> Miltonic sonnet for Lyndon Johnson. Of course I have the Jefferson
> theme always in my head.
> A Miltonic Sonnet for Barack Obama
> Words wing from the oracle at Delphi
> Around the dome drawn by Jefferson's hand
> Through the Declaration that formed this land
> To make conscience free  from forces that lie,
> Deceiving us with a blind tyrant's eye
> To put out all those dreams the Founders planned
> Until a voice breaks through the hourglass sand
> With the resonant sound of Freedom's cry.
> Let us write together the next chapter
> In this odyssey toward Liberty
> For the people's American drama
> With epic characters staged to capture
> The hallowed White House and set time free
> With words of hope from Barack Obama.
> Kemmer Anderson                     2008
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