[Milton-L] The Lady of Christ's lives on?

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Mon Feb 4 19:30:52 EST 2008

Non-British list members may find themselves better able to put Jameela's
fascinating find in context by reading Wikipedia's excellent entry on the


Back in the 1930s the Mail carried a string of pro-Hitler headlines ("hurrah
for the blackshirts!"). Even today it's a model of slavering, reactionary
rage. Its founder, Lord Northcliffe, claimed the job of the Mail was to give
its readers "a daily hate". Alistair Campbell, Tony Blair's former spin
doctor, recently called the paper "poisonous":


>From a sociological point of view, this particular story is interesting: the
Mail readers tend to be moderately well-off without being greatly educated,
but with strong ambitions for their kids. So the students' antics are
covered with benign,good-humoured tolerance. You can be pretty sure that if
it concerned identical sexual doings, albeit carried out by single mothers,
working class teenagers or immigrants, the tone would be bitterly savage.
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