[Milton-L] jeffery's last post

John T. Shawcross jtshaw74 at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 4 21:28:51 EST 2008

Dear Jeffery,

Many Bibles, using the AV (King James) and revisions, have internal  
references of the type you are looking at. I have a copy of the  
American Bible Society, for example, that for Matthew v:48 has a  
footnote (n) to Deut. 18:13. In otherwise that is and has been a  
reported "source" for the "perfect" text. And Deut. 18:13 has a  
footnote (i) to Mt. 5:48. There are no such notes for the Genesis or  
Leviticus verses.

You might be interested in the Geneva Bible note for Mattew v:48: "We  
must labour to atteine vnto ye perfection of God, who of his free  
liberalitie, doeth good to them that are vnworthie."


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