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Dear Scholars - -

The following is a call for papers for the Petrus Ramus Conference 2008 to be
held on the weekend of June 14th at the University of St Andrews. Of course
Milton's own //Art of Logic// is based on the Ramist logic of George Douname,
so I hope this might be of interest to members of the Milton List. In addition,
St Andrews is a particularly pertinent location for such a gathering in relation
to Milton studies, as his childhood tutor Thomas Young was a St Andrews scholar
himself, and Young clearly played a part in Milton's early intellectual
development. If the conference is of interest, there are further details
available on the website:


Or I am happy to answer any queries or to receive paper proposals by e-mail at
ramus2008 at st-andrews.ac.uk or eaw2 at st-andrews.ac.uk. Many thanks for reading
this post,

Emma Wilson

University of St Andrews
School of English

Petrus Ramus Conference 2008: CALL FOR PAPERS

The School of English at the University of St Andrews is pleased to announce the
Call for Papers for the Petrus Ramus Conference 2008. The conference is
sponsored by the School of English, in conjunction with the School of History,
and will be held in St Andrews, Scotland, on the weekend of 14th June 2008.

Brilliant logician and rhetorician, belligerent and controversial pedagogue,
conceited logic-chopper and attacker of Aristotle: these are just some of the
judgments that have been made about the scholar Petrus Ramus (1515-1572). The
Petrus Ramus Conference 2008 will provide a forum for fresh discussion and
debate about the man whose scholarly works have been causing academic disputes
ever since the date of the publication of his first text in 1543.

Scholarship of Ramus and his works has taken place in many different fields, and
this conference aims to bring together scholars from disparate backgrounds to
stimulate interdisciplinary discussion not only of Ramus, his works, and
influence, but also to situate this discussion in the wider context of early
modern history, intellectual development, and culture. It is an
interdisciplinary event, welcoming scholars from all different academic
backgrounds. The plenary speakers are Dr Howard Hotson (University of Oxford),
Professor Peter Mack (University of Warwick), and Professor Dr Kees Meerhoff
(Universiteit van Amsterdam).

We invite scholars to submit proposals for papers on the following broad themes:

		The importance and influence of Petrus Ramus
		Ramist contentions: answering the detractors both past and present

		Ramus and Talon’s logic and/or rhetoric manuals
		Ramism and literature

		Ramus and education
		Ramus and religion

		Ramism in early modern Britain
		Ramism and the vernacular

		Ramism and printing
		Ramus: influence after his death

These are simply suggestions, and we welcome submissions on any topic related to
Ramus and Ramism. Papers should be 20 minutes in length.

The deadline for submissions for proposals is 1st March 2008.

Proposals of 500 words or less should be submitted via e-mail to Emma Wilson via
the conference e-mail address: ramus2008 at st-andrews.ac.uk

Or alternatively by post to:

	Emma Wilson
	The School of English
	Castle House, The Poetry House
University of St Andrews
St Andrews
	KY16 9AL

Please look at the website for further information:


or contact the conference organisers Emma Wilson (eaw2 at st-andrews.ac.uk) (School
of English, University of St Andrews), or Steven Reid (sjr4 at st-andrews.ac.uk)
(School of History, University of St Andrews).

University of St Andrews Webmail: https://webmail.st-andrews.ac.uk

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