[Milton-L] Britney Spears and PL

bill hilton billhiltonmedia at gmail.com
Sat Feb 2 11:44:48 EST 2008

I should have thought it perfectly obvious that the Spears canon is, in
fact, a oblique but detailed commentary on Paradise Lost.

We have Satan's despair at his fall ("Oops... I did it again"); detailed
justification of Britney/God's power over the universe ("My Prerogative");
Adam's quest for knowledge in his conversation with Raphael ("Someday (I
Will Understand)" and "I'm So Curious"); a portrait of Adam and Eve,
pre-fall ("State of Grace"); the creation of Eve ("Piece of Me") and Eve's
submission to Adam ("Born to Make You Happy").

With regard to Carrol's comments, I think it'll be when Spears does finally
move on to Rochester that we'll get the really groundbreaking work.
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