[Milton-L] re: question

John T. Shawcross jtshaw74 at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 1 16:04:55 EST 2008

In answer to Hannibal's question: There are translations into  
Hungarian. One by Sándor Bessenyei in 1796 and in 1817; another by G.  
Jánosi in 1875 and 1890. I describe bibliographically the 1796  
edition in the "Iter" Milton electronic bibliography that has been  
cited on this site and I hope is in your libraries. The 1796 edition  
is titled: "Elvesztett Paraditsom Milton A'ltal." (Kassa'nn Ellinger  
Ja'nos, 1796). It is a prose translation of PL as well as PR, in two  
volumes with notes. There is a dedicatory poem, an introduction (v- 
xxiii), and Fenton's life in Vol. 1, and another poem on the  
translation in Vol. 2. It includes the Arguments.


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