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Amen, Peter.

And Hannibal, here is the site for the Hungarian National Gallery: 
http://www.mng.hu/en . There is a "contact us" link at 
http://www.mng.hu/en/contact which offers a number of potential sources of 
the answer to your question,
from the "Old Hungarian Collection" at 
http://www.mng.hu/en/contact#_old_collection to the "Department of 19th-20th 
Century Painting" http://www.mng.hu/en/contact#_painting. (I provide the 
specific links because I know you're out of town at the moment, and may only 
have limited access to the Internet.)

But perhaps Larisa could provide some insight, too. (The Folger has Prof. 
Shawcross' bibliography in hard copy and online as well, if you want to 
pursue the subject.)

Best to all,

Carol Barton

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> For someone who does not want to get into a discussion about paintings, 
> Prof. Shawcross offers us yet more primary sources that I, at least, was 
> not aware of.
> As always, we are in his debt.
> pch
> At 12:32 PM 2/1/2008, you wrote:
>>I don't really want to get into this discussion about paintings, but
>>since there was a question about other similar paintings, there is
>>one by James Barry, another by George Romney, and another--not
>>dictating but similar and Milton in a chair outside with the
>>daughters around him--that I referred to in "Milton Quarterly" 39
>>(2005): 46, artist unknown. The exhibit of the  Munkacsy work in the
>>museum (castle) in Pest is extensive, showing  its development and
>>much related material.
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