[Milton-L] West Coast MLAs and art

Kim Maxwell kmaxwell at stanford.edu
Wed Dec 31 14:14:48 EST 2008

I don’t think anyone would deny that the east coast enjoys the
lion’s share of art masterpieces from Europe and America before, say, 1960.   I would never claim that
the west coast can top the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Barnes
Collection, soon to be down the street from the Philadephia.  However, two smaller museums I like (the Getty
in  LA and the Legion of Honor in SF) have
better buildings than collections, but the collections are still worthwhile, and
the Legion runs very interesting special exhibitions.  Also, if in SF one should not miss the Asian Art Museum, with no east coast
counterpart I can think of, or the new California Academy of Sciences, itself
new and spectacular.  The Bay Area also
enjoys two of the finest modern art collections in private hands in the world,
that of Donald Fisher (founder of the Gap) and Hunk Anderson (in Menlo Park),
both available on occasion.  And, as with
many other cities, San Francisco (where I live) has a number of small specialty museums which have merit, if not

Kim Maxwell
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