[Milton-L] article and blog idea

Alice Crawford Berghof aberghof at uci.edu
Wed Dec 31 12:01:45 EST 2008

Hello, all.  Here's an article I found interesting.  Wondering what 
others think of it.  I hope I'm not duplicating something that might 
have appeared on this list weeks ago.  The content of the article might 
lead to an interesting discussion about the role of Milton studies in 
contemporary political theory.  I was also thinking that the blogging 
that appears after this article gives us a model for redirecting 
real-time, online conversations that fascinate some but tax the 
patience and overload the email accounts of others.  Blogging seems to 
me to be a useful counterpart to the list.  Just a thought, to add to 
my suggestion that we develop a website of primary and secondary 
material concerning Milton.
Happy New Year!
Alice Berghof


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