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Jameela, it's a common mistake among Koreans. The two English sounds are often confused by my students because the "l" and the "r" are the same letter in Korean. In the Korean language, depending upon the letters that precede or follow, or are absent -- or sometimes just arbitrarily, it seems to me -- the pronunciation of the Korean l/r can be either "l" or "r".
Anyway, the effect of this on my students' English pronunciation led to some misunderstandings initially, such as when a student said that the hardest thing about being a teacher was "collecting" papers.
Then, of course, there are those pesky sounds "p" and "f" -- likewise hard to distinguish and thus leading to embarrassing mistakes in reading aloud such Shakespearean lines as "parting is such sweet sorrow."
Jeffery Hodges

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I was at Starbuck's at the MLA hotel yesterday, and since both my first and
last names are hard for some people to pronounce (juh-MEE-luh + Lares like
cares, if anyone wants to know), I have started giving out my name in
restaurants and coffee lines as "Milton."  With absolutely no
disrespect to anyone Asian, I want to note my interested surprise to see that
the barrista wrote the name down on my cup as "Mirton."  I had known
that the liquids (l, r) are differently pronounced between Asian and Western
languages, but it had not occurred to me that they would be differently heard as

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