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The L and R are heard as the same sound, just as I hear pen and pin as the
same. Boundaries defining phonemes are not natural, but are variously drawn
by different languages and dialects.

On 12/30/08 9:17 AM, "Jameela Lares" <Jameela.Lares at usm.edu> wrote:

> I was at Starbuck's at the MLA hotel yesterday, and since both my first and
> last names are hard for some people to pronounce (juh-MEE-luh + Lares like
> cares, if anyone wants to know), I have started giving out my name in
> restaurants and coffee lines as "Milton."  With absolutely no disrespect to
> anyone Asian, I want to note my interested surprise to see that the barrista
> wrote the name down on my cup as "Mirton."  I had known that the liquids (l,
> r) are differently pronounced between Asian and Western languages, but it had
> not occurred to me that they would be differently heard as well.
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