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Sat Dec 27 07:18:39 EST 2008

Something I just wrote drunker than Hemmingway in Cuba. And if I was
susceptible to regret, I would probably regret posting this.

But my magic 8-ball says, ³highly unlikely².

     Looking East
     by Jonathan Colburn

     The baseball field next to my childhood
    home is gone. There are no more pitchers, no more batters,
    and the outfield is full of ghosts.
    The drive-in theater that used to play across the street
    is now filled with convalescents hooked up
    to machines, and lifelines tied to landlines
    adjacent to a big ass church,
    with a crucifix in the shape of a dollar sign.
    And my favorite band is deader than the prom queen
    from my high school, batting
    her heavy massacred eyes at closing time
    in the bar up the street, where I find myself
    all these years later.
    I put a dollar bill in the jukebox for one last obscure play
    and wonder, as I run my hand through my graying beard -
    Where have all the good times gone?
    Sooner or later, the party ends, and I've been through enough
    in my time to know that the darkness
    of Saturday night always splits in half
    to the migraine of Sunday's sun.
    And the dawn of this Sunday finds me
    with numb feet and steady hands,
    squinting into the light that is still falling
    from heaven. 


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