[Milton-L] Another Adam and Eve poem

Horace Jeffery Hodges jefferyhodges at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 25 04:08:50 EST 2008

Since we're still posting Adam and Eva poems, here's my Christmas gift to my wife . . . if perhaps not quite an appropriate one.
It's written as a poem from Adam to Eve his wife . . . as they grow older.
Jeffery Hodges
P.S. Everyone, of course, will catch the too-obvious allusions to at least three other poems.
Paradise Gainsaid 

There is a garden in thy grace 
Where trees of lively knowledge grow, 
An earthy paradise to face 
The harvest fruits of all our woe. 
Here apples ferment, by and by, 
Till tears of Apfelwein we cry, 

If cry we must, when eyes disclose 
That occidental sun aglow 
Decline toward that which never shows 
Its face though faced with that flambeaux. 
Yet face it must we, by the bye, 
Till tears of Apfelwein we cry. 

Yet in this earthy garden still, 
How statue-like I see thee stand 
To counter time that comes to kill 
All thou attempt with eye or hand, 
>From sacred apples' last good-bye 
Till tears of Apfelwein we cry. 
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