[Milton-L] Another Adam and Eve poem

Nancy Charlton pastorale55 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 24 00:22:34 EST 2008

Today's poem on Poetry Daily, "The History of Forgetting" by Lawrence Raab, is another to add to the collection of A & E poems that has been gathering here. I don't want the copyright police pounding on my door, so I won't copy it, but here is the link:  


But I think I could safely quote a line or two, enough to hint at the ideas in this poem:

What could they have remembered, 

who had never been children? Sometimes 

Adam felt a soreness in his side, 

but if this was pain it didn't appear 

to require a name, or suggest the idea 

that anything else might be taken away. …


It was the snake, of course, who knew 

about the past—

Nancy Charlton


Ring out, ye crystal spheres . . . 

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