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Just a note: Bob Hazenfratz, professor at Univ. of CT dept of English, is  
Maurice Kelley's grandson and may have a photo if you want to start an album of  
greats.  Lee J.
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Maurice Kelley was a man of medium height and slender  build.  When I knew 
him, he had thinning white hair, with a goatee to  match, something he'd worn 
for many years.  He dressed simply, smoked a  pipe, and still talked with an 
Oklahoma drawl.  He was a scholar all the  way to his soul, and loved to find out 
the truth about things.  He was a  man of charm, of generosity, and of 
subtle, almost cowboy, humor.  Think  an elderly Roy Rogers with a PhD.

Maurice faced his lot in life with  courage and resolution, staring things 
right in the face, and not  flinching.  He was no friend to nonsense or to 
trendiness. He'd be the  first to admit that a lifetime of studying Milton had made 
him a better  man.


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