[Milton-L] BBC and Milton's lost poem COSMOS

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Thu Dec 11 09:20:44 EST 2008

.>   So, the fact that Milton is not popular in American
>   culture, a culture that esteems Madonna and Paris
>   Hilton and has never heard of Isamu Noguchi, then we
>   should not be surprised...or even dismayed. I
>   personally do not long to be admired by the  Jerry
>   Springer crowd.

So - point me to a country that does NOT have silly popular culture?

On most Tuesdays I participate in a text study group of local pastors from a variety of denominatins - we chew over and reflect on the lectionary readings two Sundays ahead. [ie, on Tues the 9th we did the redings for 21 December].  

As we wound up the session, one of those present - not me, BTW - reminded us that it was JM's birthday, and recited the opening of the Nativity Ode. Everyone present had something informed and interesting to say. So it's not ALL a cultural desert.

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