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It¹s unfortunate that Milton¹s birthday received a substantial amount of
press predominately in the UK, while in America (where I would argue his
influence and ideology is more prevalent), there was nary a word in
comparison. Poetry Foundation, etc. didn¹t even acknowledge Milton¹s 400th
birthday, and what he means to the foundation and ideals of America, and, oh
yes...²poetry² as well.

>From the separation of church and state, to one¹s ³free-will² (through
freedom of press) to read what you like, John Milton was more American (in
those ideals) than he lived to see. So the question is, why was his
influence (on his 400th birthday) virtually ignored (comparatively speaking
to the UK) here in America?

I don¹t know, but I found it disgusting, and I sent off a few emails in
various directions expressing as much.

And John, don¹t concern yourself with Œno more posts for a while¹. Feel free
to post as much as you like, and I will read every one of them.

In a world where talentless hacks get thousands of responses a day in blogs,
bulletin boards, email lists etc, I can¹t see any reason that Milton
shouldn¹t get the same (or more).



On 12/9/08 11:14 PM, "John Geraghty" <johnegeraghty at hotmail.com> wrote:

> I couldn't resist pointing this one out from the BBC:
> http://www.bbc.co.uk/berkshire/content/articles/2008/12/09/milton_horton_featu
> re.shtml
> "The poet, polemicist and writer of sublime prose is probably best known for
> his religious epic, Paradise Lost. While living in Horton he wrote the poems
> Cosmos and Lycidas."
> I promise no more posts for a while
> -John
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