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I think that the email message that Herb Berkowitz sent a few days back
(about Milton in Alaska) had photos of the plaque. Perhaps this link will
It's very handsome!

Our own Milton celebration here at San Jose State included a marathon
reading a few weeks back; and then today I made cookies (didn't want to take
a cake on the train) and we sang in honor of our man Milton, after reading
"On Time." Wonderful to think that our man's verse is among "everything that
is sincerely good" and will triumph "over Death, and Chance, and thee O


Andrew Fleck

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Stella (and everyone) I don't think Milton-L is set up to take 
attachments (too much opportunity for compromise). I've sent a photo 
directly to Kevin, and will be happy to send a copy of the historical 
account to anyone who's interested. I created a website with a number 
of interesting photographs--but alas, before I could publish it, the 
site lost all graphics (and therefore a good deal of the value). It 
will take some time to recreate it. If anyone can recommend a viable 
host, I'm certainly open to suggestions.

Best to all,

Carol Barton 

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