[Milton-L] Advent

Mario DiCesare dicesare1 at mindspring.com
Tue Dec 9 17:28:31 EST 2008

Dearest Diane,

And isn't it wonderful that this one, indeed, did live and did give us the bounty of 
his great gifts and his unquenchable spirit!

I was delighted to see how people responded so warmly to your lines. They are indeed 
beautiful and fitting tribute to Our Man. Thank you!

We plug along. Lee improves in some ways but not in other, and lately serious 
arthritis plagues her. And the unyielding need to sleep most hours of the day. (Her 
physicians tried every known drug that might help her, but all of them worked only 
for a short time and then quiet.) But she remains cheery, she remembers you and your 
grace-full visit here, and she sends you lots of love. (She has trouble remembering 
people, so you obviously stood out.)

I'm trying to put together a general letter about us, after ten years of failing; 
Lee, as you may recall, wrote wonderful Christmas letters. Well, if mine can be half 
wonderful, I'll be happy.

More anon, I hope. Meanwhile, much love and warm regards from our house to yours.


Diane McColley wrote:
> I am thinking this morning of Sara Jeffrey Milton,
> what she felt
> when the water broke,
> when the head emerged,
> when the midwife eased the shoulders
> into this world: thinking perhaps
> of the one she lost;
> hoping this one would live.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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