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Diane's thoughts needed to weave into a poem; Carl the verse and 
voice echo the beauty of both thoughts. Thanks for the meditation 
point to listen to Book 10.  I wondered how many poets will be born 
this day with all this energy in the air.. Peace.
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>>[   . . . when the head emerged,
>>[   when the midwife eased the shoulders
>>[   into this world: . . .
>Dear Diane McColley,
>Your phrases prompt me to forward the attached nativity poem "Window One"
>[which I'm almost finished editing, I think].
>Happy Advent!
>(and happy Milton's Advent too)
>P.S.  I'm also attaching a photo of "Window One," --a *very* early, French,
>stained glass panel of the Nativity, which was removed a few centuries ago
>when its cathedral [at Reims? or Amiens?] was being enlarged. It's a small
>panel, maybe 12 by 20 inches, once part of the great window at the end of a
>transept.  Somehow it made its way, with three companion panels, to a shed
>behind an Episcopal church in Massachusetts, where it was discovered in
>pieces, wrapped in newspaper[!].  The Curator at the Fogg Art Museum, I'm
>told, collapsed into a chair the moment he unwrapped it.
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