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I'd like to use the occasion to announce yet one more event in the  
ongoing celebration of the Quadricentennial John Milton's birthday.

The University of Miam and Florida International University will be  
jointly hosting a two-day symposium on February 26 and 27, 2009 (I  
know, a little late), entitled "Milton Alive at 400:  Samson  
Agonistes and Religious Violence."

The symposium is comprised of several different components, including:

-- A roundtable discussion featuring Stanley Fish, Feisal Mohamed,  
John Rumrich, Regina Schwartz, Susanne Woods, and myself on Samson  

--An interdisciplinary panel on contemporary religious violence  
featuring scholars in International Studies, Law, Political Science,  
and Religious Studies from the University of Miami, FIU, and FAU

--A performance/reading of Samson Agonistes by members of the UM and  
FIU Theater Departments.

For further information you can go to the website we have established  
for the event:


Best wishes,
Jeffrey Shoulson

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