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Tue Dec 9 09:58:00 EST 2008

Speaking of Gordon Campbell, has anyone read his new Milton bio that came
out last month?

If so, how does it stack up to Lewalski¹s ³The life of John Milton²?

What I mean is, are they both necessary to have, or is Campbell¹s just more
of the same?

I¹m very picky about books that I purchase, and I don¹t want to read a
rehashing is why I ask.

I¹m also very obsessed at the moment with the idea that a lot of ŒSamson
Agonistes¹ had to have been influenced (as it stands complete) by Milton¹s
imprisonment, book burning¹s and hefty fines after Charles II rode back into
town. Both are blind, imprisoned and in a subordinate roles to the
Philistines (Charles II) etc.

I¹m not expecting those ideas to ever be supported by the current evidence
on record, but I would hope that (as promised in Gordon¹s VIP Milton) that
this new bio reveals some new, interesting evidence on Milton¹s life.

And to John Milton, Happy Birthday! And what a monumental one at that ­ how
many people¹s birthdays are celebrated 400 years later?

Peace Shalom, 

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