[Milton-L] southern celebrations

John Hale john.hale at otago.ac.nz
Sun Dec 7 16:56:46 EST 2008

Greetings from the deepest south.
Inspired by the news from Alaska, here's news about two events  
happening at the Milton world's southernmost bastion, Dunedin, NZ
First, a meeting of the city's poets at which I held forth in varying  
idioms to these mainly free-verse-writing bards, back in October.  Go to
Then, tomorrow, at 6.30 pm, which approximates (given our longitude)  
to the hour of Milton's birth, we shall read his life through his  
poems, cut a birthday cake and drink a toast to him.  This is at the  
Dunediin Public Library, which is very big on poetic and other  
literacy-promoting events.
Can I suggest that as a venue for future Miltonic events which want  
to join Town with Gown the public library of many other cities might  
welcome a Milton-performing event?
John Hale

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