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Dear John,

Thanks for your promptness and help.

Best regards,

Miriam Mansur
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I just finished digitizing the text and am uploading the files to:
My upload speed is slow but they should all appear within a couple of hours.  A few are accessible now.
They are listed by hyperlinked filenames and, I believe, should appear in the proper page sequence.
I will be back this evening (9pm  PST) to check on the upload.  Email me directly with questions.

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If you do not get a better answer, I have a copy of the Camden Society's 1877 printing (not a facsimile).
I could digitize and post.

> Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2008 11:13:04 -0200
> From: miriammansur at terra.com.br
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> Subject: [Milton-L] Milton's Commonplace Book
> Dear List Members,
> Do you happen to know if there is an online version (e-text) of "Milton's Commonplace Book"? 
> Thanks and best wishes,
> Miriam Mansur
> UFMG/Brazil
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