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Sat Aug 23 07:32:03 EDT 2008

>Figs and prociutto are quite commonly paired in Italy, thank you.  You   
>have to use fresh figs for best results, though.                         

Yes indeed. Here in the Shenandoah Valley, we are at or near the northern limit for growing figs. A friend of mine who has a fig tree in her back yard and I mount an annual watch as fall and frost race to meet the late-ripening fruit. If things go well, she provides the fruit and I provide the prociutto and we revel in the decadent loveliness of sweet and salty, the yielding texture of the fruit with its grainy seeds, the elegant smoothness of the thin slices of meat  ...
>And yes, figs were among the fruit most often associated with the Garden 
>of Eden by pre-modern rabbinical scholars.  Some Italian Renaissance     
>painters chose the fig as well.                                          
  Well good - so my flippant remark results in my learning something I hadn't known before.

Hope your apples are lovely!
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