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Figs and prociutto are quite commonly paired in Italy, thank you.  You have to use fresh figs for best results, though.  
And yes, figs were among the fruit most often associated with the Garden of Eden by pre-modern rabbinical scholars.  Some Italian Renaissance painters chose the fig as well.

I've got apples growing for the first time on my own little apple tree, trellised against a south-facing wall, and as I watch them plump and ripen I have to restrain the impulse to go and pick one.  I know that I have to wait, that plucking one of them too early -- especially since there are only about ten of them on the tree -- would be something of a sin.  I also know from childhood experience -- we had an apple tree in our backyard in a place where we lived for a couple of years -- that I am very likely to be disappointed by the apples on my tree when I finally pick them.  I am preparing myself for a denouement more sour than sweet, a paradise lost rather than a carnal joy regained.

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>   Now comes the current Martha Stewart Living, noting  
>   that figs are "perhaps the oldest cultivated plant"  
>   and "depending on whom you ask, figs, not apples,    
>   figured largely in that bit of unpleasantness in the 
>   Garden of Eden."                                     
>   Just when this whole apple business seemed resolved  

Gotta rule out figs - no go without prociutto [sp?] ...
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