[Milton-L] Looking for MSA member Larisa Kocic Z á mb ó

Angelica Duran duran0 at purdue.edu
Mon Aug 18 13:18:58 EDT 2008

Sorry to fill up the Milton-L list with this request, but I am looking for
Larisa Kocic Zámbó, whose name is but whose email address is not listed in
the MSA 1007 directory.  I know she has commented on this list, so I assume
this will be a good way of getting a hold of her. Could she please contact
me?  Many thanks.


Angelica Duran
Associate Professor
English and Comparative Literature
Purdue University
500 Oval Drive
West Lafayette, Indiana 47907
(765) 496-3957
<duran0 at purdue.edu>

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