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I've since come across the point several times, so it seems to be a common observation about Satan's use of the term "apple" for the forbidden fruit. Of course, somebody must have been the first to argue that Satan is diminishing the uniqueness of the fruit in using such a term.
I think that Satan is playing on the ambiguity between "apple" as "fruit in general" and as "pyrus malum" (what we mean today by "apple"), but this observation is not a novel one, and I've ended up writing a short paper on some implications of Robert Appelbaum's suggestion that the 'apple' is a peach.
Appelbaum's peach is probably also an apple of discord.
Jeffery Hodges
P.S. I may be away from my email for a few days as my family and I head off until Thursday for Soraksan Nature Reserve:

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Dear Jeffery and everybody,
I must explain my silence.  I returned from England only about a week ago and read the post regarding the "apples" issue.  I attended the International Milton Congress and was there for the ceremony to unveil the plaque of Milton on Bread Street in London.  It was a wonderful experience meeting several Milton scholars, some of whom are members of this list.  I've ransacked my notes looking for the sources of my observation about the "apples" but to no avail.  I'm sorry that I can't find  any source for my comment.  However, I couldn't have done better than some of the responders who have provided some valuable information on this matter.  I'm looking forward to reading your completed work.  
Best wishes,
Salwa Khoddam
Professor of English
Oklahoma City University

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Salwa and other Milton-Listers,
Can you direct me to what has been written on this issue of apples in Paradise Lost (or Milton generally)?
Jeffery Hodges
Salwa Khoddam skhoddam at cox.net 
Tue Jun 24 21:30:47 EDT 2008 

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I don't think Milton uses the word "apple" in PL.  Satan uses the term  in order to trivialize it.  N'est pas?
Salwa Khoddam

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